In this November 30, 2013 photo, 17-year-old professional freeskier Torin Yater-Wallace gives the thumbs-down sign from his hospital bed at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco, Colorado, while recovering from surgery for a traumatic pneumothorax (an accumulation of air in the pleural cavity resulting from blunt or penetrating chest injury and causing lung collapse) that he suffered after a physical therapist punctured his right lung with an acupuncture needle. (Photo: @TorinWallace)


Attorneys General Opinions Pertaining to Dry Needling

New Jersey Attorney General Opinion Pertaining to Dry Needling [PDF - 214 KB]

“Physical therapists are not authorized to engage in the practice of dry needling.”
— Christopher S. Porrino, New Jersey Attorney General

“Dry needling is not within the scope of practice for physical therapists.”
— Steven A. Wolf, Oregon Chief Counsel of the General Counsel Division

“The practice of dry needling does not fall within the scope of practice of a licensed physical therapist.”
— Robert W. Ferguson, Washington State Attorney General